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Hi so I really hate to do this, I really do, but I need your help.

I got notice that my electricity is to be shut off if I don't pay 253.19 by midnight. I had thought I had paid that in March, but apparently that didn't happen, and so I get notice. And of course this is right after I graduated and have no job yet. Bleh... But I'm not going to have this drag on. Now, I've paid this out of my rend money, but I have to make that back, so I am opening emergency commissions.

I've got a handful of commissions I have to finish, but I am working on them right now to get those done so I can take new work, and because I'm out of school, I'll be able to work around the clock on them and bang these out LIKE THE GOOD OL DAYS.

I really, don't want to do this. I don't want to come crying for help, but I need to, and if you can help by either commissioning me, or spreading word, I'd be more than greatfull to you. I will put all of my effort into this, to pulling through. You all have done so much for me already, and I am eternally greatfull.

Here's hoping we all pull through! here are my prices!


Did you know I've been in school for the past two years for animation?

WELL I HAVE BEEN! And my Graduation is coming up soon!

Do you wanna come check out what I've done? Well! You can come and check me and my classmates out if you happen to live in Vancouver BC Canada (or any close-ish areas)
Because on SATURDAY APRIL 25TH from 12pm to 4pm you are all welcome to come down to the Harbor Center where we are having our Grad Show! :D

I really hope to see some of you there, and I look forward to talkin' with yall!

ALSO more art to come sooooon
So, I'm taking a small amount of commissions to be completed by christmas/newyears!

Take note that I will not be taking payment until my current queue is cleared up (which will hopefully be soon after winter break starts) but I would like to get the slots filled ahead of time.

Real talk, I didn't receive enough for student loans to be able to eat and make rent for January, much less be able to eat. So I need help. I need to take commissions in the only down time I have.

This may be the last time I take commissions for a while, so if you have wanted art from me, now is the time to get it! (At least at the prices I am currently charging. Once out of school, I will be raising my prices by a decent amount.

So please, consider me! Spread the word, and what not.

I hate to be here, asking like this, but I am slowly getting more and more stressed out about this, and I don't need this stress right now. I'd apply for a part time job, but the chance that I would get something for a month is slim.

Thank you for reading this.

-Che ♥


Internet is set up, now it is time to earn my keep and put a dent in my commission to-do list so I can get that done before I get to school! :D

Come join me, rock out to tunes, and hang out. Because I need some company!


Im feeling social. So, livestream! Dunno how long I'll be going, but come chill! :D

im working on various stuff. Come chill?
Actually more like we're up all night to animate in flash AMIRITE?!?!?!


Working away on my Flash Build homework for school, and I could use some company! :D
Working on my Layout homework. Wanna come watch? Relevant tunes playing.

Mainly, why I've been so quiet in regards of posting and commissions and stuff.

Aside from twitter, I've been keeping whats been happening the last four months pretty quiet. At least on the public online face. But I'm moving past that, and I'd like to air my dirty laundry so to speak.

First and foremost, HO MY GOD. School has been insane. Tight deadlines, challenging projects. It's intense, but a LOT of fun. I'm loving my program, and my classmates and my teachers, and it's an experience that I'm so happy to be able to have. I'm really lucky, you guys. But yeah. That's been keeping me pretty busy. On top of the workload, though, getting there has been hammering me incredibly hard. I live a 2 hour (with good traffic) transit ride away from my school. So that's already four hours out of my day right there. Intense, right? On top of that, I spend from 5 to 9 hours a day in class, and a good 3+ hours after school doing work, because it's all stuff I need to be at school for. So, as you can imagine, my free time is pretty... non existent. I've been trying to get back to commissions, especially recently. It's... a really nice break drawing something so much more relaxed. (And you know, one drawing compared to like, hundreds? XD) But yeah. So, that's my school life! XD

Now, to the other thing.

In September, the second week of school, my boyfriend tells me he doesn't love me anymore. That... destroyed me pretty efficiently. So that, paired with school... it really wasn't very nice. I ended up staying with a friend for two months, living out of a bag of my stuff, because I could not handle being around him. Fuck, for most of September, leading into October, I was having a hard time getting through even a few hours without bawling my eyes out. I kind of pulled away from the internet for a while (mainly because I only had my phone while at my friend's house.) At the end of October, he and I had had a 'final talk' so to speak, and I had asked if I was important enough to him to want me to still be in his life, because I couldn't be just a friend. To that he said we should go out separate ways, so I left, made arrangements, ect. But then the next day I get an email from him telling me how he's made such a big mistake and how he wants to try again. So after a lot of thought, I said ok, and we tried. Not even two weeks later he changes his mind.

And so here we are now. He's gone, and has been gone for a week or so now. It's... nice, actually. Being by myself. I mean, I loved him. I gave him nearly four years of my life, and honestly? I had wanted to make a life with him, and for a while, he had felt the same way. But I guess some where along the way, something changed. But, whatevs, right?

Hopefully that clears up a few things (I wasn't hiding, I promise!) And now, I'm gonna try to get as much work as I can! Especially since he took a great deal of the food, so I've been grabbing dinner out (a lot more then I should have, admittedly) and I need to clear the charges to my credit card before they build and fuck me over royally.


Here is my question to you. I'm thinking about doing a Christmas commission auction for a 'tied up under the tree' commission! AND OH MY GOD YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT. It's going to be g-xxx depending! :D! Because I have a better knowledge of anatomy! (At least a little bit. Thank you twice a week life drawing classes!)

So, any interest?
Wow hi sorry for so much silence! School is INSANE. LITERALLY INSANE. But super fun, and Im learning so much. I also get to play with a cintiq every single day and it's pretty great!

ANYWAY I need to pay for rent and bills and stuff, so COMMISSION TIME!!

I'll be opening everything up. But in limited numbers! Prices are !!!!here!!!!, but if you are unsure about something, just leave a question in the comments and I'll get back to ya!

But if you are interested, please send an email to


Flat color Illustration! Bust/Hip Up/Full Bodied

Full color Illustration! Bust/Hip Up/Full Bodied

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